Anegada, a world apart.

Named Anegada or the “Drowned Land” by the Spanish, Anegada is the only coral island in the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain.  Measuring 11 miles by three, its highest point is just 28 feet
above sea level.

Beaches & Reefs: Striking coral reefs surround the island, including the Eastern Caribbean’s third largest continuous reef, Horseshoe Reef.  Secluded sandy beaches protected by the sheltering reef

More on Anegada

Clear springs that bubble from coral beds support a variety of wildlife special to the Virgin Islands area, including loblolly, frangipani, turpentine trees, feathery sea lavender and wild orchids. On the nature trail at Bones Bight, catch a glimpse of the rare rock iguanas native to BVI’s Anegada, or discover the exotic birds at Nutmeg Point.


Snorkellers and scuba divers will delight in the reef’s mazes, tunnels and drops, which are rich in needle fish, mojarra, stingrays, parrot fish and other marine life, while those with sea legs will enjoy water sports, sport fishing and bone fishing.  You can also explore the wreckages of numerous Spanish galleons, American privateers and British warships.

Events & Festivals

Anegada is the ultimate destination for many events in the British Virgin Islands. Kiteboarding, Sailing, Windsurfing, Fishing and more.


Looking to get away from it all. This secluded island offers a lovely selection of villas, cottages and small inns.