Enjoy a fun-filled day on the water!

Shoot the curl on the wave of the day. Parrotfish surround your kayak as you paddle into a secluded lagoon. High winds blow all around you as you drift 600 feet above water gliding in a parasail. No matter what your interests are, the BVI is your playground. Between the fast pace of windsurfing or an easygoing swim with dolphins, there’s always an adventure waiting for you in our crystal clear waters.


The powdery sand beaches along the BVI coastline and exposed waters near inlets and barrier islands are remarkably scenic, quiet and full of wildlife. The many lagoons throughout the islands are an excellent place to paddle your kayak.


One of the newest water sports to hit the British Virgin Islands. This sport is quickly growing a huge fan base. The BVI is now home to an exciting action packed annual Kiteboarding event, BVI Kite Jam.


One of the best water sports when it comes to making a splash in our turquoise waters. Surfing is quickly becoming a favorite activity along our beaches.


Our year-round trade winds allow for great windsurfing and kite boarding experiences. We are also home to the annual Highland Spring HIHO Windsurfing and Sailing Adventure. Competing windsurfers will cover over 150 miles as they race between seven and nine times from one island to another. Finian Maynard is a four-time speed windsurfing world champion (1998 until 2001) and holds the current speed world record for sailing vessels, currently living in the British Virgin Islands.

Swim with Dolphins:

For a unique experience, you can swim with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery, located at Prospect Reef in Tortola. Visitors can get close to these amazing, intelligent creatures, enjoying various activities with the dolphins as well as watching them perform fun and exciting acrobatics.